Rebuild Your Professional Mindset

Question your thoughts and go beyond your limits: communicate like a pro

For 15 to 20 of your team and colleagues, during 4 hours, you will benefit from:

– Creating new, achievable goals that you can control

– Conquer your limiting beliefs

– Take decisions without restlessness

– Properly rest and enjoy your free time

– Feel safe, fulfilled and happy in your professional life at all time

BONUS: A 2-hour signature training of your choice for your team and organization

Manual of relaxing and educational activities for your group

Bonuses from 1 on 1 coaching

Why this offer

Learn to master your business mindset from the subconscious side. Learn to be the winner in any business negotiation. A win-win relationship means more than mutual respect, common goals and a strong business plan. It means communication at the deepest level of the subconscious mind and an ethical negotiation that supports and empowers all parties involved.

 This program is for you if you are


  • A strong-oriented business group that wants to master their communication skills
  • A company/manager that wants to enhance their team’s productivity
  • An organization that wants to sky rocket their public’s business mindset motivation

Do you and your team want to become masters of communication at the subconscious level, in order to benefit from all that your business and career have to offer?

You are in the right place!

How does it work exactly?

As business and your career are an important part of your life, why not take them to the next level and enjoy all the benefits they can offer? This means being the best communicator that you can possibly be.

Rapport, negotiation and sensory acuity are three very powerful business concepts that combined with communication, take your professional life to new heights. You will learn how to use your physiology and body posture to your advantage, to negotiate at a subconscious level for win-win relationships only.

You will learn how to interpret each sign of your interlocutor’s communication system and be able to meet their needs instantly. You will use sensory acuity to understand what your interlocutor is really feeling and know when you make yourself well-understood.

  • This program is interactive, based on live exercises, offering you and your team an efficient live learning pattern.

Any questions? Let’s talk! contact me.

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