Be A Victor, Not A Victim

Has it happened that you found yourself stuck in a situation that you didn’t like at all? And moreover, you had no idea how you got there? I know I have. Were you manipulated in any way by the circumstances? Or is it a matter of understanding that once you got to *settle* even for the smallest things, you got to settle for the things that really matter?

It’s probably the second situation, isn’t it? We most of the times want to have the simple way out.

We get indifferent about anything when we’re asked. We don’t choose anymore. We simply settle for anything that life throws at us. I have personally done this, both in my professional life, in my personal life and even in my spiritual life.

I want you to know that this is the worst habit that fortunately, you can break right now. You see, how you do one thing, you do them all. If you start with settling for the small things, as your manager asks you which time would you prefer to have the meeting and your response is: “I’m OK anytime”, or your business partner wants to get your thoughts on the new color palette for the new product, and you say: “You choose, I’m fine with either one”, as you do this more and more, it’s going to be a habit that you want to get rid of very fast!

You are never content for your high achievements, if you’re not content for the small ones first. We are talking here about a set of skills. You need to train, to grow these skills, just like a muscle. You need to train the muscle of choosing, of being interested, of NOT settling for anything that life throws at you. You will become selective, you will have standards and you will not go below your them.

We are not born with knowing anything. We have to learn everything along the way, and this includes learning: focus, patience, courage, perseverance. And all of the great skills you may be wanting to acquire in order to grow more. How fortunate is this, isn’t it?

Just because you were “not born” ambitious, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be ambitious! Or patient, bold and mostly, fearless. It always fascinates me how the human mindset has already fear incorporated in it. It’s in our system. We can switch fear with any other empowering state at any time. Does it sound too good to be true?

Not at all. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find yourself a strong, huge drive. A goal that big, that enthusiastic and that wonderful, that will get you to jump from bed in the morning. What’s your strong passion? What is it that you would do night and day, if you had complete freedom? What excites you most than anything? Find that thing, as this is what will get you to be truly motivated to change. Unless you have something that you love pulling you towards it, you won’t have any reason to do things differently.

We usually change because we have to, as the circumstances around us get us to do this and it’s almost always not pleasant. Why not begin to be ahead of it all and start taking your life into your hands completely, and lose the victim identity for good?

You become a winner, a victor, someone that creates the best life possible for them.

Here’s to a fear-free life!

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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