Become An Army General Of Fear In Your Business

Discipline the easy way!

You and 20+ of your colleagues and team during 5 h will learn to:

– See fear from a different perspective

– Learn to create your strongest professional inner image

– Learn to create a company and group culture of celebration, encouragement and productivity

– Redefine team work

– Have relaxing activities together

– Follow “The Routine Of Success” step-by-step method for continuous growth

– Communicate and negotiate like a pro at the deepest subconscious level

– A blueprint to talk to your employees in the right, productive way

This offer is for you if you are

  • A strong-oriented organization that needs to see fear from a different perspective and master their communication skills?
  • A company/manager that wants to enhance their team’s productivity and offer their employees and teams a strong business routine to follow?
  • An organization that wants to build a culture of strength, courage and power for their employees
  • A company that invests in their employees and wants them to grow

Do you and your team want to become masters of communication at the subconscious level, in order to benefit from all that your business and career have to offer?

You are in the right place!

How does it work exactly?

As business and your career are an important part of your life, why not take them to the next level and enjoy all the benefits they can offer? This means being the best communicator that you can possibly be.

Rapport, negotiation and sensory acuity are three very powerful business concepts that combined with communication, take your professional life to new heights. You will learn how to use your physiology and body posture to your advantage, to negotiate at a subconscious level for win-win relationships only.

You will learn how to interpret each sign of your interlocutor’s communication system and be able to meet their needs instantly. You will use sensory acuity to understand what your interlocutor is really feeling and know when you make yourself well-understood.

  • My NLP Business Courses are interactive, based on live exercises, offering you and your team an efficient live learning pattern.

Any questions? I am more than happy to answer any of your questions and offer you all the details, when you contact me.

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