Focus Your Way To Success

Ah, focus! Success! Such generic terms, isn’t it? However, we strive to have them. First of all, let’s see what these terms mean and second of all, let’s see how you get there.

Why is it important to define these terms before anything else? Well, unless you know exactly what focus and success are and how you can create a relationship between them, you won’t know you got them. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Imagine this: you get to be wealthy, you have a strong career, you have mansions, cars, exotic islands, however, you find yourself completely miserable. To others, this may seem like a strong fulfilling success. However, it’s important what success is to you and only you. You need to define it first.

Here are some great, easy questions that you can answer to right now and discover what really makes you feel successful in life:

1. Why do you wake up in the morning? The first answer may be obvious, but I want you to ask yourself this question over and over again, 7 times in total, “Why?”. I want you to reach your subconscious strong motivations that are the ones that truly drive you. We will discover your needs.

2. What makes you truly happy? You may say “coffee”, “my family” or “going out”. After you finish writing down the obvious things, the daily little pleasures of life, I want you to again, go 7 levels deep, up until you reach the passions that drive your life and your professional life as well. Maybe you rediscover how passionate you are about helping others, or learning new things, or art. When you find your true passion, you’ll know it. Your heart will be filled with joy and your entire state will change.

As you found your true needs and your passions, let’s see how we can combine them to have them go in the same direction. E.g.: One of your needs is to feel safe and one of your passions is gardening. Think of a way that you can get your passion to cover your need as well. It could be that you can start to monetize your passion, so that you can feel financially safe? Use this example and work on these very important areas of your life, as this will define what success is to you. When you do what you love and you have your needs met, that’s when you are truly successful.

Focus. Being laser clear on your journey. Being focused means that you get things done. You cannot perform well in any activity, even if it’s your strongest passion, unless you are very clear on what is it that you have to do. Making a plan, sticking to it is more than discipline. It is keeping your eyes on your end result and not letting the “shiny object syndrome” stand in the way.

Use the below course as a gift and implement the simple exercises you’ll find in it: Master Your Focus In Business

You will have time. The course is less than 30 minutes, designed for busy people like you that want results right now. If not sooner. ?

Let me know your questions about this course, if you have any.

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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