Get Honest About Your Dreams

Have you observed how the years went by, and you still didn’t get to where you had wanted to? Did you start postponing your dreams on a daily basis, saying that you’ll “soon” take care of them? Did this make you feel a false sense of happiness, knowing that “soon” may never come, since you kept postponing?

It gets painful eventually and as soon as you start realizing that you only have one life, you’ll look at your future with more engagement.

Getting out of the comfort zone is difficult. Being strongly engaged with your vision is difficult.

Or is it a limiting belief? What if you rewire your mind to think it’s easy? Doing this takes energy, however, it is very worth it. The solution? It could be simpler than you have thought:

  • Let yourself be guided by a strong vision for your future.

And please notice I say “vision”, not “objective”. A vision includes more people, the community, the city, the country you live in. Or even more. When you’re committed to helping everyone around you, you get a higher purpose for your life. You get a mission that pulls you stronger than you could ever reject.

“We do more for others than we do for ourselves. This is the beauty of being human.” Tony Robbins

Therefore, what is the next step?

  • Link your mission to your goals.

Well, how do you get a mission, first of all?

  • You need to think further than your own needs. What is a cause that you are passionate about? Is it helping children have better education? Is it caring for old people and offering shelter to those in need? Maybe you love animals and want to keep them safe. Or maybe you simply want more peace in the world and you want to be the voice for those who don’t have one.

You are the only one that knows best what is it that triggers your heart to beat in a different way. What makes your heart get filled with love? Maybe offering your services as a Coach or a Trainer and making the world a better place?

What you need to do next is to link your mission, your vision, to your goals. What if you can help the world be a better place by also earning money as a Coach focused on helping people with limiting beliefs?

Think of ways you can create a lifestyle that is both beneficial to you and to the people around you as well, or to the cause that you believe in, as well.

If there’s nothing strong pulling you towards a very appealing future, something bigger than yourself and your own needs, it’s simply not enough to get you to transform “soon” to “now, I’m doing it now!”.

Dream big, dream bigger and then let your dreams “scare” you. This is the only type of fear that I support, as when you want something so much, that it scares you, you’ll be pulled towards it.

Here’s to a fear-free life, my fearless friends!

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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