How Not To Lose Love… Anymore?

Love hurts! How many times did you hear this? It got engraved in your belief system and now you think that it is the only way love works!

But it is wrong. Completely wrong, actually! Love, in its essence, is the most beautiful, strongest energy and power in the world. It can literally move mountains, as a mother that needs to save her endangered child, can lift tens of times her weight, just to know that her offspring is safe.

There are countless similar stories, where a person that deeply and sincerely loves, gets a force that otherwise they would not have. When you are in love and let love embrace your soul to its deepest extents, you want to be the best version of yourself and make the other person the happiest they can be.

But what happens when you feel that fear gets in the way and you start doubting your feelings and what is happening in your life when you meet someone that is “too good to be true?”

– What if it will not last?
– What if I am not good enough?
– What if they leave me?
– What if they find someone better?
– What if they get bored?
– If I get bored, how to tell them?
– What if they cheat on me?

And this list can be endless, right? If you let fear aside – and I will show you below how – you *can* leave the best love story in your life! Because if you release yourself and unblock your mind and soul from fear, you will discover a whole new universe of endless love and happiness. If you strive to achieve this, let us do the below exercise together:

True love means loving your partner just the way that they are. Without expecting anything in return, without wishing they were different or someone else, without expecting that they make you happy. Being happy is your job. It is your responsibility only. Your partner can cook you a meal, run an errand for you, but that is it! Do not expect them to give you something that you cannot provide for yourself: self-love.

This is how to begin to love yourself and to make yourself happy. Why? You deserve it. This is what life is all about. Not depending on others to make you feel good is a wonderful feeling.

– Each morning before you get out of bed, tell yourself: “I Love You!” with as much emotion as you can. You will get the hang of this as you practice more and more. Do not get out of the bed until you do this.
– Each time you get in front of the mirror: “I Love You and I Respect You!” Starting to acknowledge yourself, to feel that you matter in your eyes and that you are there for yourself no matter what, will uplift you in such a way that your day will not only be better, but your energy will be like a Christmas tree’s, spreading everywhere and enchanting the others as well.
– Before going to bed, say to yourself: “I love You and I Forgive You Completely. You did your best today. I am immensely proud of you!”

Test this exercise throughout a week and please let me know how you feel about yourself after. As training the body, you need to train your mind every minute, to change your old patterns and beliefs.

Here’s to nothing but love in your life!

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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