How To Be Grateful?

 Do we usually take things for granted? Unfortunately, yes, we do. However, it is not necessary something wrong, as it is part of our nature.

We enjoy having what we want and we are not trained on “how to” to be grateful for it. Not yet. School, society and our families seldom have the “culture of gratitude”. Moreover, gratefulness can sometimes be confused with “settling”.


It is believed that it is wrong to “settle” for what you have and that you need to push yourself to want more, but not from a state of contentment and happiness… as otherwise, you won’t want more! This is wrong at many levels!

What if you could have it all? Be grateful for what you have and then also strive and achieve more.

A challenge to have it all? Maybe. But this is how to get started.

Of course, the paper and pen need to be always present, no matter what. Here is what I want you to do:

  • Every single morning, give thanks for something very obvious to you: like the fact that you breathe or that you have a place where to sleep.
  • Do not write it down yet! Not until you really feel it comes natural to you. Simply think of an obvious thing that you have and that you can give thanks for and that is it.
  • Do this for at least a week each morning.

The challenge is to write it down after a week. There is something magical about writing things on a piece of paper: clarity, order and more debt in awareness.

  • As you write down what you are grateful for, you will feel this deep, strong happiness coming over your entire being, as gratefulness equals in vibration to love. When you have these strong positive feelings, there is simply no more room for fear.

Test this simple exercise and let me know how grateful you start to feel. Enjoy it fully, you deserve it!

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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