How To Consciously Change

Happy New Year! ? We are almost there! A few more hours and it’s 2021! A whole new decade ahead of us. How exciting, isn’t it?

Knowing that we have this new strong beginning and the opportunity to not only make the most of it, but to truly thrive and leave our best life possible. However, this does not come as easy as we’d like it to.

I am fully aware when I saw this, it’s not a limiting belief of mine, if you were wondering. In order to become more, produce more value, grow to a far larger extent, you need to change.

And what better time than now, the end of a challenging year and the beginning of a great new decade ahead of us? We may have “gone with the flow” this year, as it has taken us by surprise before we could even react!

We did not see this coming, but let’s face: this year has made you stronger, more aware, more grounded, you got a chance to realign your values and truly understand what’s important to you in your life. Why not look at 2020 as a blessing in disguise?

It is very similar to fear. 2020 has tested you so much, that you can honestly say: “2021, I don’t think you can surprise me ever.” Only seeing the good in 2020 does not mean denying you had a tough time. However, it is vital that you begin to be more grateful for this year, as it has given you some valuable lessons.

In order to end the year strong, you need to acknowledge that it’s OK to feel pain over losing a lifestyle that you loved, or even a loved one. Gratitude needs to be grown and worked on as a muscle, in order to make use of it on a daily basis and enjoy its amazing benefits.

Now that we are clear on the importance of gratitude, how can we create lasting, conscious change? How can we leave aside a pattern of fear where we’d “go with the flow”, waiting for things to change and be mere followers with no clue where to go?

Yes, this is the key and the answer: Knowing where you are going in 2021! This will produce all the change that you need in order to start living a strong, full, passionate year and have a clear path. Clarity is what you need in order to thrive! As not knowing where you’re going, will get you no where fast… any destination will be good enough, if you don’t have a clear purpose.

How do you get a clear purpose?

  • Simply ask yourself: How do I want to feel in 2021?

Happy journaling! Embrace all of the wonderful emotions and feelings you’ll discover and begin loving yourself for who you really are: a powerful soul with a strong destination in 2021.

I’ll see you in 2021! Happy New Year, may you design a life that is so appealing, that you fall in love with it every single day.

Here’s to wonderful new beginnings,

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I’ll see you soon,


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