How To Identify Your Professional Mission?

Challenging times require challenging approaches in your professional life, as 2021 will not be different than 2020… unless you make it different. Our professional life is constantly changing, as there are some exterior challenges as well: covid. And not to forget the competition, that is the biggest blessing, getting us better and better each day.

What is your professional mission?

How do you get to be successful, fear-free and happy in your career and business, without missing out on your life? This is called the “mission”, that you need to move ahead towards with full speed ahead in your professional life and really love what you are doing.

The mission is what gets you to understand that it’s not only about you. It’s about the people you impact and change their lives for the better. These being said, we can call the mission as “a bigger-than-yourself goal”. It implies your desire and objective to help, support, impact and improve the lives of the people you create your product for. It does sound uplifting, doesn’t it?

Even if you are employed, going to work each day without a mission is what kills your desire to progress. You end up a simple robot for which each day looks the same, without passion, without purpose. It’s about time to put an end to this and start finding your mission in your professional life, so that you don’t need to work a day in your life from now on! When you put passion in what you do and you enjoy that activity, it means that you are aligned with all your values and you are set to create magic.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. It’s actually easy to find your mission, as long as you answer to the questions below:

  • What is important for you in your life? Name 10 things and then rank them from 1 to 10.
  • What is important for you in your professional life? Again, name 10 things and rank them as well. I suggest you use a journal where you put everything down, as now you need to compare the two ranked columns.
  • How many items from the first list are similar to the ones from the second list?
  • Focus on the similar items only and put them separate.
  • Now, envision yourself helping more people to have these things that you already have, in their lives too. Make it your purpose to help them achieve this through their professional lives!

For example, the main 4 items from both lists that coincide, for me, would be:

  • Freedom
  • Impact
  • Admiration
  • Traveling

As these things are important for me and I strive to have them, I decide to make it a goal, a purpose for myself, thus, a mission in my professional life, to help other people achieve this as well. Since fear is the major block that the people I work with have, I’ve created the Step On Your Fears concept, an easy, quick and efficient way for fears to be left aside completely.

When you have a goal that is bigger than yourself, you become the strongest impact for the people whose lives you’ll change for the better. Test this simple exercise from above and let me know what your mission in your professional life will be from now on.

It’s that simple. Live your life with meaning and help the ones around you live a better life through all that you do from now on.

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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