Is Fear The Real Enemy?

Fear is at the starting point of all your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. But is it really that harmful to you? Are you seeking to know what is fear all about and how to understand what triggers it?

You are in the right place. You may hear, as I still do, people around you saying that they are afraid of certain things. Just look at their faces: they seem hopeless, blocked, without any perspective and mostly… they’re afraid to live.

They get anxious that they can’t figure out a solution to their problem and they build frustration quicker than they can even get aware of it.

Why is it? Why is it so difficult to keep your fears under your control on your own, without training your mind first? The reason is the following:

  • Your mind is fear.

Your mind is negative by default. It only wants and needs to keep you safe. That’s it. It doesn’t want you to change anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g at all! Change gets your mind to sense a potential danger, as if you could live so far with what you did and knew before, you can continue from now on as well! Right?

Well, wrong! Not if you want to thrive, to truly live, more than survive and to make sure that your goals are met. It does sound wonderful to have empowering goals. But how will you get your mind to cooperate, before launching tens of thousands of dramatic scenarios, build Hollywood-like horror thoughts and get you blocked before even starting with the first step?

Luckily, there is a solution. And it is called training your mind, just like you do with your body, building the courage to cooperate with these negative thoughts and leaving behind an old way of thinking. Courage, as most of us know, is a skill that can be built and that will save your mind from the unnecessary distress that fear causes when you let mind wander.

  • How to build courage: Do one thing that scares, that challenges you every day.

Start doing a live session every day. Or maybe start doing something new in your field of interest, as a new perspective. Have a new way of posting on social media or even use YouTube for daily videos! Depending on where you want to get, make sure to focus all your *attention* on what could help you achieve that goal.

Is it easy? I can sure tell you it’s not. Not at first. What I did was to start with doing three live sessions every day, on three different platforms, to increase my brand awareness. Did this make me have more courage? It sure did. Am I closer to my goal of becoming a speaker on a huge live stage once COVID-19 passes? 100%. Until then, I am building the courage to be the best online-live speaker there is out there. It’s my dream and I decided that unless I work to make it come alive, no one will.

What is the first step that you’ll start making towards building courage and stepping on your fears, starting from right now?

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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