Love Yourself To Thrive

The fact that love is the opposite of fear is not a secret anymore. Gratitude and love are the strongest feelings that go against fear and make your heart feel happier than ever. Your heart is easier to please than your mind. Your mind needs logical explanation as to why love can be the solution to thriving, so here it is.

Your mind is fear. It is negative by default, as it needs to protect you, to keep you safe and sound and to avoid any potential harm that may affect your life.

This is a blessing. I want you to look at this as you having the strongest, most powerful army inside you that is always on the look out for your best interest. Your mind is your friend that wants you to be OK physically. It’s your ally in making sure your life is protected. If we look at things from this point of view, aren’t we the luckiest? Yes, we are, and we do need to be grateful about this.

However. There always comes a “but”. Finding that fine line between your mind, that’s always negative, and your heart, that’s positive and that wants you to thrive, to evolve and to change, is a challenge. Your mind does not support change at all! Your mind wants things to be the same, while your heart wants to explore, to seek, to wander, to experience all the beauties of life and to make sure you’re happy. Two friends, that you should indeed feel grateful for, but… are they different!

And that is OK! They both want what’s best for you only and they both are parts of you that you need to accept and acknowledge. How to get them to be best friends among each other?

It is similar in real life as well: you have one friend that wants that risk, that loves mountaineering and loves to see that view at the top, no matter what it takes. And there’s the other friend that wants to stay on the ground, that is not risk-taking at all. Is one wrong and one right? Not at all! Can they themselves be best friends too? For sure!

Communication is the key. Communication does solve everything and takes your thinking, your life and your relationships to the next level. And most of all, the communication you have within yourself: the self-talk. Yes, the most important form of communication is the one you create within yourself.

Self-talk gets you to outstanding support and success, to thriving, to your wildest dreams accomplished, but it also gets you to failure, fear, limiting beliefs and rejection. Loving yourself is not an easy task, but it starts with how you talk to yourself.

  • The first step is acceptance. Accept that your mind is negative, but that it also wants what’s best for you. Tell yourself on a daily basis: I accept you. I agree with you. I acknowledge you. I understand you. Do this every time you feel a negative feeling, an old pattern, a limiting belief, any emotional or mental pain. Do this and feel amazed how relieved you are once you accept and understand your negative-by-default nature.
  • The second step is cooperation. As you now got to accept yourself, your mind and your heart can start to cooperate. Every time you feel an unwanted feeling or have a state that you want to get rid of, tell yourself what you want to feel in exchange: I am safe now. I am at peace now. I understand the situation now. I see things from a different perspective now. Once you tell your mind what to do, once you tell it to focus on something else, it will do that. YOU choose what you tell your mind to focus on.
  • The third step is love. It means that you accept and cooperate with yourself to an extent when you can start to fully appreciate and be grateful for yourself, for who you are, for all that you do: I love you. You are the best there is. I deeply admire you. I am grateful for all that you are. Say these wonderful things to yourself as often as you make time to do this during the day and when you’re in front of a mirror too.

Now you know the magic secret to creating love and the right balance between your mind and your heart. Here’s to the most harmonious relationship with yourself!

Do you need more support? I’m more than happy to serve you.

I’ll see you soon,


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