I have been honored to work with Roxana on a few business projects and it was clear to me that she would be a first class NLP trainer and one I could hand my trust over to. And that this is Roxana’s purpose in life: to help business leaders and their teams to conquer their fears and make fulfilling decisions in business.

She is a powerful leader, passionate and bright, has enormous dedication and vision, and is a born role model. Her NLP training and podcast are designed to equip business leaders with all the necessary skills and understanding while also allowing for the advancement of personal growth and healing.

I have been able to up my game, approach things in a more fearless way almost immediately because of Roxana. I highly recommend working with Roxana and listening to her podcast, and know that I will continue to learn and use the methodologies and techniques she so powerfully advocates.

Joyan Chan

I’ve known Roxi for a few years and saw from afar how she kept progressing in her expertise on human performance. It was a no brainer to call on her help in a moment where I was stuck. With mounting responsibilities, I increasingly sought comfort in food which lead to some weight gain above my acceptable threshold. Since I kept failing at reinstalling my discipline, I asked Roxi for help. All it took was answering some very good and insightful questions she asked me and following up with my progress daily for a week for me to get back on track. Roxi is a beautiful soul and a powerful force for good. A shot of such positive energy truly moves the world, and I saw that firsthand. If I had a friend who needed a boost, I would definitely recommend them to her.

Richard Hutton

I’ve enjoyed this program and will recommend it to anyone. I am a wiser more self-confident woman as a result of completing „Step On Your Fears “. The insight I have gained will allow me to continue to grow and develop more optimism and confidence.

Thank you, dear Roxana, for your dedication and support. You have forever changed the way I consider myself.

Diana Popa

One of the best. From only one exercise she helped me to relax and have a better clear vision on things. 100% RECOMMENDED! Thank you Roxana

Dani Artem

Are you in a crisis and no longer see the “Light at the end of the tunnel”? Do you feel like you need an impulse and you don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place and at the right time! With her gentle spirit, her warm and always friendly voice, she helps you to get rid of all the old and new wounds, without you even realizing it! And at the end, with modesty, she tells you that it is only your merit!

Thank you, Roxi! I strongly recommend her! Success in everything you set your mind to!

Vinga Liliana-Melania

Roxana is, above all, a genuinely kind, warm heart human being, and a real, trustworthy friend.
She has helped me, with the use of NLP practices and not only, through tough times, she has a highly contagious positive vibe and attitude that is bound to rub off on you if you spend enough time in her company!
She has a thirst for knowledge and expansion that will surely bring good outcomes wherever applied.
Thank you, Roxi!

Karina Roth

Did you live the day you got fed up with looking for something that was bothering you for a long time? When you can’t do it anymore, Roxana can do it for you! When you don’t want it anymore, Roxana wants it for you! When you don’t know anymore, Roxana finds the solutions!

Therefore, YES, I do recommend her!!

Violeta Iovin

I considered myself as floating in a boat in the middle of the ocean, without paddles and adrift. At least this is what I thought, this is how I felt. I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted to do in this lifetime, until Roxana Popet, threw me the lifesaver. She helped me find out what I truly want and mostly, I found out a lot of things about me, things I had hidden in the drawers of my heart since a very long time.

We always have the answers within, but we sometimes need someone to help us get them out in the open. The only condition is for you to really want to, “Search and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened”, and Roxana Popet will open the door for you. She’s a wonderful person, who really cares and who has the right tools to help you, if you will allow yourself to be helped. Will you give yourself the permission to be helped? I recommend you do!

Fabiana Mihai

If you feel like there’s something that’s not quite right, chances are there’s something wrong. It might not be what you think, that’s why I recommend a talk with Roxana: to find the true cause. She’s relentless in the search for truth, whether that truth fits your view or not. She knows exactly what and how to ask to make you see the answer clearly and to give a better understanding of the fine mechanism that make us tick. In the end, I guarantee that you’ll see things in a completely different light than the day you started out.

Alex Van Black

(Part 1 – October 2018)

I have recently gone through an email coaching process with Roxana Popet, and with her help I managed to put together the problems, challenges and solutions for certain areas of my life, which were troubling me. Beyond the fact that you need to allow someone to help you to make a difference in your life, Roxana Popet is a fine connoisseur of how the human mind works and I have always felt that the themes, questions and answers she gave me were tailored to my needs and this can only be achieved if the Coach really loves people and listens to them very actively. I’m not necessarily a fan of going to a coach, but Roxana appeared in my life by chance, at a time when I didn’t know where to start, because I felt like Humpty Dumpty, broken into thousands of pieces that I had to pick up and rebuild. Apart from the fact that she is extremely well trained and competent (and these are not just empty words), you can feel that she really cares! This review is sincere and I once again thank Roxana for the support she has given me.

(Part 2 – January 2019)

Specifically, these are the things that we wanted to solve and that also happened:

– starting from this year, January 02, 2019, I gave up smoking;

– I eliminated the stress and the constant worries I had every night before going to sleep (I really wanted to be able to sleep peacefully);

– I eliminated the negativism from my own thoughts that paralyzed me;

– I eliminated most of the anxiety and depression that were present in absolutely trivial moments that did not require such emotions;

And if anyone would ask me about an alternative, a non-invasive method of therapy with the body, then I would warmly advise that person to turn to the Breaktrough and Roxana Popet first!

Thank you, Roxana, peace and success!

Andrei Iulian

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