The Pattern Of Fear

Let’s reveal how this fascinating emotion works, so that you can keep it under control easily.

What isn’t fear?

Fear is not evil. It never was and never will be. Our perception of it is, sometimes. As part of the human spirit, fear is a strong survival kit. It has helped people survive throughout the centuries, make wise decisions and also, it has given motivation.

However, fear nowadays, if we let it linger, may cause damage. As complex as we are now, among hundreds of things that we are supposed to do per hour, we get confused, we get overwhelmed and we may lack better organizing.

Fear seems to be a sum of all the things that we need to do, but never have the time anymore. All that we have postponed for so long, that we have really wanted to do, but couldn’t fit it in our schedule anymore. All the decisions we should take, but there’s no real motivation anymore.

Have we lost ourselves because of fear? Or do we simply need to reorganize our schedules, thus, our lives? Take the below example to really find what’s under your “fear of making a mistake”. I took this example from my own past fears that I worked on not so long ago. Here’s what you can do as well, with just a piece of paper, a pen and an open mind to decide to leave a certain fear behind. I use these specific questions that can help you find a solution to any unwanted situations on a daily basis. Here we go:

  • Why do I have this fear of making a mistake?

Answer: I really don’t like to do things the second time.

  • Why don’t I like to do things the second time?

Answer: It annoys me.

  • Why does it annoy me?

Answer: I lose time.

  • Why do I lose time?

Answer: I am not focused enough.

  • Why am I not focused enough?

Answer: I am not motivated.

  • Why am I not motivated?

Answer: I don’t know.

  • Why don’t I know?

Answer: I simply don’t care.

We started with one thing, we ended up with another. Now, I used to have this “fear of making a mistake”, but now “I simply don’t care”. It is a paradox that in my mind does not make any sense: I used to have a fear, but now “I don’t care”. As a consequence, this can provide a well-needed confusion to which you get very easily through these “why” questions. After confusion, there is always a breakthrough. You no longer have that fear in your mind fully, now it’s another concept that got your attention. You can now decide, after splitting this fear up, if you want to keep it or.. not.

Is it still serving you in any way? As you get to all the layers of a problem, you soon find out it’s no longer a problem. Test it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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