What Is Fear?

What do you know about fear? What is fear to you?


It has somehow gotten a negative meaning, as we tend to see only the things we are deprived of because of it. We may want to do certain things in our lives, but we lack the courage to take the first step. We literally only need to take the first step and all the rest will unfold.

We blame it on fear. I used to think like this myself: “Oh, if only I were not afraid to talk to that person, at least for a minute…”

Yes, fear gets you stuck. It blocks your mind in a way that you have no idea what to do next, which path to take.

Are you willing you unblock your mind? You see, all it takes is for you to decide to change, to leave your old beliefs behind. Sometimes, it’s a matter of unlearning what you already learn.

One of my favorite quotes is “Question everything, especially your own thoughts”. Just because you have them in your mind, they’re not necessarily yours. They don’t define you. You can always change them with supportive thoughts.

It may sound unfamiliar to you at this point, but fear is the best guide you can have. Let me show you how: 

  1.  It all starts with a feeling of stress, an unease that you have when you want to do something new, something different. You don’t know it’s fear yet. You simply feel a strange negative sensation in your body, it’s a type of frustration combined with “I don’t know what to do”.
  1.   If you dig deeper into this feeling, if you insist on finding out what your mind is trying to transmit to you, you are on the best path you could ever be. As you want to discover what’s behind this feeling, I recommend you use a piece of paper and write everything down by hand. There’s something special, a deeper connection with you and your thoughts when you use handwriting.
  1.   As you write down the things that unsettle you, think of what does this really mean to you? How does it make you feel now and how you would want to feel instead? We sometimes have several emotions and circumstances all glued together in one single deep feeling.
  1.   All of sudden, among your written ideas, you get “fear of X”. Now, this is progress. It means that you discovered the trigger of your negative state and it also means that the problem is halfway solved. The truth is that once you discover that you have a certain fear, it means that you have to do the certain thing that you are afraid of.
  1.   It’s that easy? Yes, it is. We sometimes like to overcomplicate things, don’t we? Well, actually, this happens most of the times. As you begin to do the thing that you are afraid of, e.g. talk in public, start a new career, start a new relationship, transform your body, fear becomes a powerful ally that has become your guide in letting you know what you have to do.

The path until you get to discover fear is difficult. Not fear itself. Fear is a human emotion, as happiness, anger. All your emotions are “normal”, they are supposed to be there, because that’s why you are a human. The problem is not the emotion itself, but the fact that you don’t listen to your emotion. We are 100% emotional beings. Our emotions are talking to us constantly, are pushing us towards what we really need to do in order to grow.

Our brain does not support change. Its sole purpose is to keep you alive. That’s it. When you want to make a change rationally, you need to listen to all that your body wants to tell you.

For a strong impactful fist step in keeping your negative emotions and fears under control, make sure you check my 7-Step Guide To Permanently Conquer Your Fears to unblock your mind completely. Learn that fear is a blessing in disguise and enjoy each and every single one of your emotions.

See you soon!


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